Yes, you heard us. Mark the date in your calendar, this is the date when job application processes changed forever.


We are delighted to have gone from idea to product in just a few months. We are not done yet, but we believe we have a product that is more than good enough to show the world.

The problem - time

Today we apply for jobs by writing and maintaining a CV as well as writing a personal letter for each position we would like to apply to. Not only is this methodology time consuming for the candidate, it is boring as well. The same goes for the recruiting company; reading through each CV where people have used different formats to differentiate theirs from the rest is a real time consumer and usually brings you a neat headache as a side effect.

Because of the time it takes to actually apply for a job, many of the most talented candidates will not be enough motivated to do this - meaning that the recruiting companies misses out on great opportunities.

Our solution - eliminate the CV

Our first move to make the process easier is plain and simple: elimintating the CV and cover letter and substitute them with the interactive job ad which will rocket your career to new heights!

The interactive job ad will let you apply for a position by answering a few key questions about the job at hand. We have really put our heart in to make the process as simple, fun and intuitive as possible. Our goal is that it should only take 30 seconds to apply for a new job. We have also designed the process so that it will work in mobile devices, meaning that you can apply for a new job while sitting on the subway home.

Hope you like what we have done! We really appreciate your feedback so drop us a line at hello@uptrail.com or write in the comment section below.

Gustaf Winnberg

Written by Gustaf Winnberg

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